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Your Breakfast in Vienna, VA is Going to Be Special.

The most important food in a day is breakfast. Therefore, it must be tasty. Breakfast is essential as it provides you with the energy needed to carry on throughout the day. It also helps the body and your mind in reaching their maximum potential.

Breakfast and lunch in Vienna are served at Bobby’s Bagel Café. We provide fresh, delicious, premium food items. Breakfast has been a staple in Vienna, VA, long ago. We also provide the highest quality Bagels throughout all of Virginia state. Our focus is on customer satisfaction. We’re dedicated to serving them the most delicious meals they’ll encounter.

Coffee (cappuccino Latte, cappuccino), Nitro Coffee, Cinnamon buns, Muffins, Danish Avocado (healthy options), Nova Lox, Steak, coffee, and other snacks are also offered. We’ve been here for decades and created breakfast menus using the highest quality ingredients that distinguish us from other cafes.

We at Bobby Bagel’s Café are extremely interested in maintaining our prestigious image throughout Vienna, VA. We can provide our customers with the most enjoyable dining experience they can ever experience.

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Find the Best Bagels for Breakfast in Vienna

We understand how important it is for our customers to have bagels at the start of each day. This is why we strive to provide the highest quality. Our bagel is made using the finest ingredients, including top-quality flour and active dry yeast, milk, butter, and eggs. It’s distinguished by its appearance, a beautiful crust, crispiness on the outside, and a thick inside. You’ll be able to savor these till the end of the day and enjoy the fresh flavor of bagel. The breakfast you choose to have will certainly stand out from the rest of the breakfasts due to the wide variety of bagels we offer and the variety of designs we can design with this amazing product.

It's true: Our customers love our bagels for Breakfast in Vienna!

Contrary to bulk-produced bagels, our bagels are high-quality. Our bagels are distinctive and suitable for any occasion and can be consumed anytime throughout the daytime. Breakfast bags, which contain numerous bagels, are vital for many customers. We know that quality is the primary element in the assortment. Gluten-free bagels and other items on the menu are delicious.

Many other food items and bagels like cupcake bouquets, teacups, hot chocolate bombs, Charcuterie board, Bagel and Lox Board, Gluten free cupcakes, Fruit and Cheese board, Rainbow Bagel, DIY cookie kit, Vegan Bagel, Pumpkin shaped bagel, Iced- sugar cookie, Greek Yogurt Parfait, Smash chocolate heart, Muffins, Avocado spread, Danish ,etc. We’d be delighted to have you look through our assortment and try the breakfast options we offer. If you’re looking for freshly baked bagels that are crispy and delicious to eat, visit our store or order online we will deliver the finest breakfast food and delicious bagels. There are a variety of things that are appreciated by customers right here.

Individually wrapped Breakfast options at Vienna, VA, are ideal for covid conscious catering. Breakfast is the most satisfying and delicious food you’ll ever have, thanks to foods like fresh cracked eggs, organic fruit smoothies, Asiago bagels and many other options.

Do you need catering services?

If you need catering service in Vienna for special occasions. We’ll send our staff to provide you with high-end service for food and drinks. We encourage you to contact us if you require more details. It’s the best moment to think about the possibility of gifting gifts to family members. We’ll make sure that we can fulfill your needs. We also offer contactless delivery.

Whatever the occasion, we’ll ensure that you get the finest breakfast options for your special occasion within Vienna, VA, packages along with top-quality food items that are offered at your tables. We’re among the most well-known companies that sell Bagels and other food products throughout Vienna, VA. We’re determined to become part of the community and make sure that we offer our customers the best service.

We offer the finest bagels on the market and breakfast options that are top of the line. Contact us at anytime, and you’ll enjoy bagels as you’ve never before.

List of Best 9 Places for Breakfast in Vienna, VA


Ulrich is one of those exceptional cafés that has everything going for it: they have delicious coffee, a warm and inviting ambiance, and a breakfast that will make you reconsider asking for breakfast in bed on your next birthday.

Ulrich never stops popping. It’s crowded, boisterous, energetic, and—most importantly—full of mouthwatering cuisine! For any well-traveled hipster whose favourite activity is to indulge in fashionable breakfasts in new locations, this is unquestionably the place to go.

Address: Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz 1, 1070 Wien, Austria

Call: +43 1 9612782


Spazio in Vienna serves breakfast is so delicious that it will make your palette sing with joy and the others on Instagram enviously drool. They have selections that will make you exclaim, “Brunch game strong, baby!” From the “Spazio Avocado,” which is an amazing blend of bagel, avocado, cottage cheese, and cherry tomatoes, to the “Italian” bagel, which is a delectable combination of mozzarella, pesto, and balsamic sauce.

Address: Neubaugasse 48-50/1070, 1070 Wien, Austria

 Call:  +43 676 7142809


Breakfast at Wirr is an exciting morning experience that you won’t want to miss! There are a tonne of delicious items on their menu that are sure to make your taste buds dance. With selections ranging from flavorful breakfast burritos to fluffy pancakes covered with syrup, you’ll be fueled up and prepared to take on the day. Feel free to investigate the alternative known as “The Devil’s breakfast” as well.

In addition, Wirr’s welcoming personnel and relaxed atmosphere make it the ideal place to start your morning on a positive note.

Address: Burggasse 70, 1070 Wien, Austria

 Call:  +43 1 9294050

Motto am Fluss

Motto am Fluss is a great place to start the day if you’re looking for a laid-back yet inspiring view of the Donaukanal. The assortment of breakfast options includes several popular dishes from throughout the world with unique names and twists.

With avocado, bacon, and scrambled eggs all crammed into one bread, the All Day Breakfast Sandwich is a delicious treat topped with a habanero mayonnaise. If you show up after a wild night out, they also have some tasty detox smoothies. Motto am Fluss, which is located next to the Donaukanal, offers a vista and a location ideal for a leisurely but inspired start to the day. A number of popular breakfasts from around the world with unique names and twists are included in the assortment.

Your favourite breakfast foods are all included in the All Day Breakfast Sandwich.

Address: Franz-Josefs-Kai 2 EG, 1010 Wien, Austria

 Call:  +43 1 2525510

The Guesthouse

Some people declare this to be THE greatest spot in Vienna for breakfast every day. Although we are unaware of it, we can attest that this place serves outstanding breakfast. The on-site bakery offers a wonderful, cosy scent in a setting that combines traditional Vienna with sleek modernism.

You may indulge in a wide variety of breakfast selections here. Although the breakfast kits aren’t all that innovative, the skilled chefs who prepare them have given them a wealth of varied tastes.

Address: Führichgasse 10, 1010 Wien, Austria

 Call:  +43 1 5121320

Das Augustin

“Das Augustin,” an amazing breakfast spot, is tucked away between the foreign stores and graffiti. Though basic, the breakfast menu is imaginative. It has all the traditional Vienna breakfast elements (muesli, gammon and cheese), but each breakfast has a unique handcrafted touch.

For instance, the Scandinavian-inspired breakfast consisting of ruccola, goat cheese, and salmon from Norway dressed with a lemon dressing. Italian and Turkish influences may be seen in the more unusual breakfast options, or you can just have some classic pancakes. Every breakfast is served like a miniature artwork, and everything is fresh.

Address: Märzstraße 67, 1150 Wien, Austria

 Call:  +43 1 9821364

Hildebrandt Café

Enjoying breakfast in Hildebrandt Café’s stunning winter garden is an absolute pleasure! The scent of freshly made coffee and warm pastries will take you to breakfast nirvana as soon as you walk in. It is a real pleasure to start your day there with their delicious meal selections and pleasant setting.

There is truly something for every taste: bagels, bread with a variety of toppings, eggs in different forms, waffles, yoghurt, porridge, and so on.

Address: Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Wien, Austria

Call:  +43 1 406890510

Joseph Brot

The breakfast and brunch menu of Joseph Brot’s restaurant on Landstraße is excellent and includes a variety of freshly made, inventive, and aesthetically pleasing dishes that are organic and locally produced. The menu at ‘The Healthy’ is always changing to keep things interesting. Right now, you can have a slice of whole-wheat bread topped with salmon, avocado cream, poached eggs, tomato and cottage cheese, along with chia pudding.

A traditional Semmel and Kipferl with butter and jam is another option. You may also sample the bread.

Address:  Landstraßer Hauptstraße, Vienna, Austria

Call:  +43 1 7102881


A vegan breakfast with a pumpkin smoothie is available, as well as breakfast options labelled “Hangover” (beans, eggs, bacon, etc.) and “Nordic special” (salmon, bagel, etc.), both of which are composed of items that are traditionally served for breakfast.

The atmosphere at Mark’s establishment is truly familiar and warm, which makes it a very comfortable place to eat. The ideal sleep aid recommended for a Sunday brunch.

Address:  Neustiftgasse 82, 1070 Wien, Austria

Call:  +43 1 5223290

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