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Success is sweet when it is shared. But unlike any other Calendar Event, Graduation day won’t allow us to make amends the next year.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to thank your school friends, professors, parents for their continuous support and guidance throughout our journey.

It’s time to shower our love and gratitude for people without those this achievement would’ve been tough.

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So, what’s the best way to celebrate your Graduation Day?

Treat your Friends with Graduation Day Delights

Why not share the feeling, this sense of achievement, the nervousness, the experiences of joy and sorrow of life after college you are about to witness with your School Friends. Delight them with customized handmade Graduation Day Cookies, gourmet themed cupcakes, and memories that they will cherish for life.

Who wouldn’t remember these goodies, that are delightful in taste and expresses the feeling of love you have for your fun partners? In addition to the memories, these treats will also bring a smile on your friends’ faces.

Celebrating your special day by giving treats to your friends with bagels in the shape of “2022”. The bagels are baked with your special graduation day date on them. Or, you could surprise your friends with a graduation day themed cupcakes or cookies. These cookies are freshly prepared in-house and possess all the ingredients to soothe all your sweet & crunchy cravings. Without a doubt, this will be a memory that will be cherished by all of your friends. 

The Coolest Charcuterie Platter Trend You'll See this Year Is "Jarcuterie" and "Cupcuterie"

Jarcuterie is basically ‘Charcuterie’ in a jar, as the names indicate. It’s almost everything you actually get in a charcuterie boards is now available in a handy, glass jars. It Include foods like cheeses, meats, olives, sliced fruit and nuts, displayed on skewers or toothpicks. We at Bobby’s Bagels Cafe have been featuring this trend for a while now and we are excited to share this with you. We can also customises the jars for particular diets. It is a great way to   serve your friends and family a healthy, yet delicious meal at graduation party.

Cupcuterie is another easy way to serve charcuterie. It’s a great way to make charcuterie accessible to everyone. The only thing you really must have is a cup in which to put all of your delicacies. Aside from that, just like any other meal board, you can add different food items  to your heart ‘s desire.

We at Bobby’s Bagel Cafe offer a cupcuterie with an assortment of meats, cheeses, fruits, and condiments. It’s up to you to decide what you would like to add on your cupcuterie. It is the perfect gift for the host or hostess of a party, and is a great way to serve your guests.

The concept of cupcuterie is simple. You are putting your charcuterie in a cup and serving it to your guests. This way, your guests can take the cup with them, and they can take the charcuterie home. It is perfect for a holiday party, or even a family get-together. The cup is a great way to serve your charcuterie because it is disposable and a lot of fun.


Who doesn’t love Chocolate?

People’s love for chocolate isn’t a hidden secret. So why not make this day more chocolaty for all the special people that you love and treasure the most. We all love Chocolate Covered Oreos. A bunch of Hot Chocolate Bombs never ceases to disappoint anyone – ask a chocolate lover. These bombs come with different decorations and colors sprinkled all around them. Gift them these packets of ecstasy we’ve specially customized for your Graduation Day Celebration.

The best part about these Chocolate Gifts is that they can be customized to their tiniest part. Moreover, these gifts are available for both pickup or delivery as per your needs.

Don’t Forget the Professors

Graduation Day allows us to appreciate the special efforts put together by all the amazing teachers we were lucky to have studied under. It’s important to honor them with due respect and gratitude for their role in our lives.

We are there to help. Mouth-watering delights are the recipe for making any event or occasion stand out and hard to forget. Treat your professors with love, ecstasy, and hand-made Gluten free bagels in the shape of 2024. So that people of all ages can have some fun. We promise, your professors won’t forget your name and Class of 2024 after having this freshly baked bagels.

When you gift your loved ones or people with an amazing feast like this the feeling of surprise and expression of joy that comes on their faces gives everyone endless memories to treasure. So if you are planning to make this Graduation Day special for your School Gang. Then our Graduation Gift Boxes are the way to go. No point in waiting anymore. We wish you good luck in your future.

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