Egg-shaped Bagels

Egg-shaped Bagels: May your Easter be EGGcellent

Spring has almost approached, and it’s time when everyone is waiting for the most loved holiday of the year: Easter! And with Easter comes delight. Just in time for Easter, we are selling rainbow-colored bagels in the shape of Easter Eggs. Show some love to your taste buds by eating these cute egg-shaped bagels this Easter. These multifunctional cuties are our friends who make us feel content. These egg-shaped bagels will surely be the right choice this Easter.

May your Easter be EGGcellent.

It can’t be a better way than to give yourself a delicious treat this Easter. Everyone knows that a healthy breakfast can set your tone for the day, but a delicious breakfast can do wonders about how you are going to end your day.

Egg shaped bagel


A decoration to your plate

Experiments can make your bagel experiences better than before. Try our new sweet toppings to improve their taste. You can also try the bagels with Rainbow cream cheese, the pair make the bagel taste heavenly. Kids love these cute rainbow-colored bagels at any time of the day. Just pop them open and enjoy these cuties. They would also love to sprinkle some chocolate chips and crushed Oreo on a Nutella spread.

Feeling hungry already!! Or Egg-cited!!

Don’t curb your cravings and go for them now and your soul will thank you later.

Try our whole new bagel basket. It comes with 6 mouth-watering rainbow egg-shaped bagels and rainbow cream cheese. This beautiful-looking bagel basket can be the best present for your loved ones. They can even prepare some bagel nests and add some coarse-cut vegetables to them.

You can find these awesome bagels , cookies, hot chocolate bombs, cup cakes, healthy smoothies and much more at our three locations in Reston, Herndon, and Oakton. Pre-order today!

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