The Best Comforting Foods To Bring To A Shiva

Food Options For Shiva: Bobby Bagels Cafe

Fruit & Cheese Board

It is quite customary, though not always necessary, to serve food, meals, and desserts during a Shiva. Arranging a Shiva has evolved to revolve on Bobby Bagels Cafe’s food offerings and presentation over time. Although traditionally Bobby Bagels Cafe meals and food are exclusively meant to console the bereaved family, in many cases the food offerings have changed to include others who are making a Shiva call in a more contemporary manner.

Numerous factors need to be taken into account, including how many days one will spend sitting Shiva, how many individuals one should arrange for, and the variety of food alternatives available. Sweets and other foods, like as desserts, coffee, and soft drinks, are sometimes served throughout the Shiva in addition to meals.

While Shiva, a Jewish mourning period, calls for a time of reflection, Bobby Bagels Cafe understands the importance of nourishment during this difficult time. We offer a compassionate solution with a menu specifically designed for Shiva observances. Forget the stress of elaborate meals – Bobby Bagels Cafe provides an array of comforting and delicious options. From our signature everything and gluten free bagels to assorted muffins and fresh fruit platters, we cater to all dietary needs. Consider our elegant Bagel & Lox Boards, perfect for small gatherings, ensuring a tasteful and convenient way to honor the memory of the departed while offering sustenance to loved ones.

Types of Food Options for Shiva

The first choice when arranging food for a Shiva understands what comforts the bereaved family. While many options exist, classic Jewish delicatessen meals are the most popular and traditional for their familiarity and ability to bring solace during a difficult time. Think comforting staples like deli platters overflowing with thinly sliced corned beef, pastrami, and turkey, alongside creamy coleslaw. Bagel & lox boards are another crowd-pleaser, featuring fresh bagels piled high with smoked salmon, Schmear, capers, and red onion.

And that’s where Bobby Bagels Cafe steps in. We understand the importance of offering familiar and comforting food during a Shiva. We offer a wide selection of delicious items perfectly suited for the occasion, including:

  • Freshly baked bagels: Choose from a variety of classic and specialty bagel flavors, all baked to pillowy perfection.
  • Coffee: A warm cup of coffee is a welcome beverage for mourners and visitors alike.
  • Muffins: Our assortment of muffins provides a sweet and satisfying option for those seeking a lighter bite.
  • Bagel & Lox Boards: A centerpiece for any Shiva gathering, featuring our signature bagels piled high with premium smoked salmon, a variety of schemers, briny capers, and fresh red onion.
  • Fruit Platters: A healthy and refreshing addition to the spread, offering a burst of color and vitamins.

Bobby Bagels Cafe is cognizant of how critical it is to provide food in trying times. Our menu is designed with Shiva in mind, so you can choose the ideal balance of hearty classics and great delights with ease. Let Bobby Bagels Cafe handle the catering so you can concentrate on providing consolation to the grieving family.

Desserts & Sweets

A selection of fruits, dried fruits, nuts, and confections are typically served alongside the buffet-style dishes for the bereaved family and guests. Dessert and sweets arrangements can be made by many delis and catering businesses; these usually include cookies, muffins, and other baked items. Sending sympathy Shiva baskets filled with dessert-like goods is another popular practice among people who are making Shiva calls and even those who are unable to visit the Shiva.

Catering & Delivery Service for Shiva

In times of mourning, Bobby Bagels Cafe knows the importance of comfort and community. During Shiva, the Jewish mourning period, they offer compassionate catering and delivery services to ease the burden on grieving families. Imagine freshly baked bagels, comforting Bagel & Lox Boards, and a selection of delectable spreads and fresh fruit & cheese platters delivered straight to your doorstep. Bobby Bagels Café also curates thoughtful platters with vegetarian options and light bites, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Our commitment extends beyond delicious food; we provide a listening ear and a helping hand, allowing families to focus on remembrance and reflection during this sensitive time. Let Bobby Bagels Cafe nourish your body and spirit as you navigate the journey of Shiva.

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