Bagel & Lox Charcuterie Board

On Yom Kippur Grab Our Best Yum-Yum Bagels

Yom Kippur, the day of atonement is celebrated with a lot of happiness, and what better way than to enjoy it with some delicious food. Bobby’s Bagel Café is inviting you all to embrace the Yom Kippur ends with a delicious range of carb-filled comforts.

After a long day of fasting, once finally being able to eat, don’t you think that the food should be heavy and delicious? The answer would obviously be a yes. So, what can be better than the fresh New York Style bagels from your very own Bobby’s Bagel Café? Come celebrate with us and explore our authentic bagels that would be a great host for your taste buds.

Keeping the Tradition Alive, With A Sense of Shine!

For the break-the-fast meal, it is customary to serve traditional dairy foods along with bagels accompanied by smoked salmon. If you are getting a bagel that is too good to be true, then don’t you want to know how a perfect hand-rolled bagel is made? First, it needs to be boiled at the perfect temperature, then followed by the baking processes with standard culinary skills.

This is how bagels, one of the most beloved items in Jewish cuisine, come with a distinctive shiny and chewy crust. Going with the motto of “Having tasty bagel assortments”, we, at Bobby’s Bagel Café have been curating our menu for a long time.

Therefore have creatively catered to your needs by giving our styled touch into it! We know that celebration is always about enjoyment, whether you are doing that with a large amount, or a small amount of family or friends, or even by yourself, Bobby’s Bagel Café has the perfect platter for everyone to make your day more special. If you have a large group to celebrate with, then you can choose from our assortments as we have platters serving 12-20 people at once.

The most fascinating fact is that what we make, mostly consists of gluten-free and vegan items, including gluten-free hand-rolled bagels and Vegan cream cheese. Hopefully, your Yom Kippur celebration quest for food stops, and you are now looking for what you want to get from us. Let us introduce you to the menu we have exclusively for your Yom Kippur 2021.

Yom Kippur


Yummy Yom Kippur Menu, To Meet Your Desires!

It is a belief that bagels have originated from the word “bugle” which means a ring or curved bracelet. We always strive to give that traditional ring-like shape to almost all our bagels, so that you enjoy them while eating and clicking aesthetic pictures too. Yes, we care for your Instagram feed too! On the eve of Yom Kippur, we are offering you different types of creative and luscious breakfast assortments that are beautifully handcrafted in our kitchen. Have a look at our most satisfying meals for the holiday –

  • Bagel & Lox Board
  • Gluten-free Bagel and Lox board
  • Lox and Turkey Platter
  • House Salads Bagel Platter
  • Fruit & Cheese Bagel Platter
  • Cookie Assortment
  • Muffin Assortment

Sounds delicious – right? Not only does it sound like that, but likewise, the taste is amazing too. Still can’t figure out what will be the most suitable ones among those seven? Come with us for making your decision over the Yom Kippur meals –

You can get the largest quantity from our Lox and Turkey Platter. A gathering of 16 people can have it and enjoy the day. Besides the day of Yom Kippur, you can use it while partying with friends or gathering with family. It can bring a great sense of fun even it is a corporate café party. Then comes our Bagel & Lox Board that can be served up to 12. This one is equally perfect for parties, and for Bagel Lovers. Bagel & Lox board also comes in a smaller size, serving 6.

  • If you are searching for something gluten-free, our Gluten-Free Bagel & Lox Board would be your perfect match. You can order it for serving fewer people like up to 6 platters together.
  • No! We have not forgotten about self-satisfaction. For the single ones, we have different platters to offer, such as Fruit & Cheese Board and House Salads Bagel Platter. House salads include tuna salad, whitefish salad, chicken salad, egg salad. And if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, choose our cookie assortment and muffin assortment. It will give you the greatest feeling after a long day without sustenance.

You Choose, We Deliver!

If you want to order online from the Yom Kippur Menu, then visit our website for getting more options on Yum-Yum Bagel assortments! We have bagels for regular days as well as occasions, and each one of them is a must-have! If you are thinking about having to come and the bagels from us, then don’t worry, you can get the food ordered and delivered from our delivery partner ezCater’s app/website. So, do not delay any further and make this Yom Kippur your best one with our famous bagels.