Charcuterie Boards

The Best of Charcuterie board from Bobby’s Bagel Café

A famous delicacy, the Charcuterie board has tons of different varieties and can be personalized anyway. It can be present on any occasion and is great on picnics. Bobby’s Bagel Café is a lot more than just delicious bagels, as we also serve delicious fresh, and diverse charcuterie boards. We also offer gluten-free charcuterie boards.

People commonly ask what a charcuterie board is, as well as what should be presented on one. It’s just a lovely platter laden with cold cuts, cheeses, olives, fruits, and much more. It’s one of the simplest appetizers to present at a picnic or wine tasting.

charcuterie board


A wide range of meat textures

To produce a wide range of taste combinations, charcuterie boards should be varied in spice profile, texture, and slicing thickness. Many different types of meat to fulfill the needs of a perfect charcuterie board include prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, ham,

What is a charcuterie board without a selection of diverse cheeses with varying mouth feels, fat content, and milk types? We use a wide variety of cheese with different shapes and textures.

We are known for our care for keeping a close eye on customer preference. One way we do our specialties are bagels and we make sure that our customers get the best of them. No matter whatever the reasons are, breakfast, lunch, or a special occasion like July 4th gathering, we have the best Charcuterie board to serve. We can customize it for corporate catering and picnics. So what are waiting for order now.

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